by Charles Valentine. Read by Pete Caputo

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Tragically born into a family with a history of alcohol and sexual abuse, Charles Valentine sought escape through the pursuit of money and self-serving relationships. He was on the fast track to success until a haunting fear of insanity drew him into a life of drinking and drugs, which put him behind bars several times. One day, with his world crumbled and standing face to face with his greatest fear, the power of Jesus reached through his television set with the words of MARK 5:1-20 and set him free. Charles now leads P.A.T.H (Peace over Addiction Through Healing), a 12-step recovery ministry housed at The Life Christian Church, which also assists people in finding shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and overall peace. He and his wife are also the founders of The Valentine House (The Valentine Foundation, Inc.) to provide an answer to the need for safe, beautiful and self-supported transitional housing for men and women in recovery. A great leader once said, "Because Charles has been healed, many others are being healed." Charles is the author of The Man in the Tombs, an autobiographical account of his painful past from abuse and addiction to recovery and philanthropy.